Sylvan Lake Homes Light Up as Santa Claus Comes to Town

Sylvan Lake Homes Light Up just in time for Santa!

Last week Realtors from our Red Deer office put together a fun little guide about the Red Deer Festival of Trees and the accompanying Santa Claus Parade. This week our Sylvan Lake realty team gets a shot at highlighting the launch of the Holidays in town, of course corresponding with the arrival of ol’ St. Nick.

Parade – Tonight marks the annual Sylvan Lake Santa Claus Parade. Households from around town will begin to arrive at town center in the early to late afternoon in order to start the whole affair off with some early (is it early at this point?) Christmas shopping while some of the kids are still in class, eagerly awaiting the festivities of the evening ahead. As the sun goes down gloves are slipped on snug, cupping hot chocolate and grasping holiday treats while all the town’s residents huddle up to score a prime position to view the parade which officially begins at 7PM and winds down around 8.

Fireworks – while most Santa Claus parades close with the crowds dispersing upon the stop of the sleigh float the town of Sylvan Lake knows better. At 8:15PM the crowd once lining the snow dusted sidewalks of town make their way to the pier for the highlight of the night – fireworks at Sylvan Lake Pier! Dress Warm so you can enjoy the holiday themed fireworks display as it dances in the sky and reflects on the glassy surfaced lake below.

Breakfast – It will be tricky getting the smiling rosy cheeked faces of your kids to bed early tonight but the promise of another peek at Santa in the morning should work that magic just fine. Tomorrow on Saturday morning the annual pancake Breakfast with Santa takes place at the Fox Run Gym (wonder where he spends the night in town after the parade, before the breakfast?). There will be photos with Santa, Christmas craftmaking, face painting, and of course pancakes, lots of pancakes. Admission is only $5 (2 and under are free) with proceeds going to the local Food Bank. For more information visit the Town of Sylvan Lake website.

As both Sylvan Lake and Red Deer Realtors we’re hard pressed to name the best of the two towns for you and your family to take in the Holidays but we can safely say that either of the two indeed are the most quintessentially quaint “winter cities” in all of Central Alberta. If you see yourself living in Sylvan Lake one day soon please do contact our Sylvan Lake real estate office today and we’ll discuss your options, perhaps over an eggnog latte at our local cafe.