More and more residents of Central Alberta communities like Red Deer and Sylvan Lake are choosing to buy condo properties instead of single family style houses. Central Alberta condominiums provide all the perks of home ownership with vastly reduced maintenance, and this “lock and leave” lifestyle is quickly gaining popularity.

Condos in Central Alberta come in every style, floor plan and at every price point. First time homeowners are drawn to starter condominiums in the region with smaller floor plans and lower price points, while busy business professionals will find no shortage of executive style condos with unmatched amenities and services to keep their home life hassle free. Both Red Deer and Sylvan Lake offer a diverse selection of condo developments that can be suited to your lifestyle, no matter whether you’re a young single, a growing family, a professional or a retiring couple.

Maintenance Free Living

At the end of a busy day the last thing you want to do is come home and shovel the walk or mow the lawn. One of the biggest draws of the condo lifestyle is how easy and effortless it can be. Let someone else take care of the repairs, the yard work and the snow removal so you can spend your free time doing what you want to do. The ability to completely relax when you come home is an integral part of condominium ownership, with many of the pesky and strenuous maintenance and repair tasks covered by your condo fees.

Fantastic Amenities

Condo with added amenities like gyms, entertainment rooms, and even concierge services are becoming increasingly popular in Red Deer and Sylvan Lake. There are a huge variety of possible amenities in the current Central Alberta condo market, from pools and hot tubs to party rooms and “theatre” spaces equipped with comfortable seating, big screen TVs and surround sound perfect for a movie night with family and friends. Some developments even provide chef services in large, shared kitchen spaces!

Community and Security

Inherent in the condominium lifestyle is a sense of community and security. You’ll gain a peace of mind knowing that you can leave your home every day and trust the other residents will keep an eye on your home because it’s their home too. Condos with many amenities and shared spaces provide an increased community dynamic, and in some buildings monthly activities are organized that allow neighbours to meet and socialize together.

An important part of selecting the right Central Alberta condo is to research the community of the building and find the right fit for your lifestyle. As a result, condos targeting specific demographics are on the rise. You’ll find condominium communities each of young people, executive professionals, families and retirees, so make sure to compare and contrast the “feel” of the condo population as well as the relative merits of each physical building and unit.