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When you hire Lapp Realty, you’re hiring an entire team that utilizes proven strategies to ensure you’re getting fair market value for your home. 

Our honest and open communication ensures we work diligently for you. 

With over 10 years’ experience, we not only find you the right home, we work tirelessly to find the right home that fits your budget, needs and lifestyle.

Kevin Lapp

Team Leader
Email: kevin@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-887-1237

Ben James

Real Estate Agent
Email: ben@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-396-1290

Pam Brauer

Real Estate Agent
Email: pam@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-877-2464

Scott Slimmon

Real Estate Agent
Email: scott@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-597-6559

Sheri Colford

Real Estate Agent
Email: sheri@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-506-6587

Evan Taylor

Real Estate Agent
Email: evan@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-352-9632

Carson Nielsen

Real Estate Agent
Email: carson@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-506-0746

Keila Lunt

Real Estate Agent
Email: keila@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-396-6072

Tamara Janzen

Real Estate Agent
Email: tamara@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-505-1975

Nicole Bratzke

Real Estate Agent
Email: nicole@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-506-8103

Samantha Prosser

Real Estate Agent
Email: samantha@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 587-447-1441

Donny Chenier

Real Estate Agent
Email: donny@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-350-6140

Kevin Smyth

Real Estate Agent
Email: kevinsmyth@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-318-4849

Chris Forsyth

Real Estate Agent
Email: chris@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-391-8141

Nathan Wilkins

Real Estate Agent
Email: nathan@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-872-1522

Shelley Hager

Real Estate Agent
Email: shelley@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-505-4777

Darlene Mounkes

Real Estate Agent
Email: darlene@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-783-1637

Brandy Smyth

Kevin Smyth Admin
Email: brandy@lapprealty.ca

Sarah Fuchs

Office Manager
Email: sarah@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-887-1237

Dani Folks

Marketing Manager
Email: dani@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-887-1237

Krystle Devereux

Transaction Coordinator/Office Manager
Email: krystle@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-887-1237

Alex Procknow  

Transaction Coordinator
Email: alex@lapprealty.ca
Phone: 403-887-1237

Lapp Realty is recognized by Royal LePage as a top sales performer, 

so you can trust that the team will sell your home quickly and professionally.

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